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How to Improve Your Website SEO in 5 Easy Steps

What’s Inside?

Most people want their websites to rank higher in Google searches. More visitors = more leads and revenue, right?

The problem? SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) can be hard to understand. We're here for you with this free email course.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Practical tips on ways you can improve the SEO on your website, even if you're not a web professional.
  • 5 easy to understand lessons to complete at your own pace, with no crazy technical jargon.
  • Simple worksheets to complete that will help you apply what you learned to your own unique situation. 
The course was clear and easy to follow. I enjoyed the fact that the content was broken into bite-sized pieces. The worksheets were a nice organizational tool.

Marilyn E. Parents Aware

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